Week in the Life: Tuesday


Tuesday morning the boys ate breakfast with their lit pumpkins.


After breakfast is the get-dressed-make-bed rigamarole.


This year Isaac can finally put his shoes on by himself!


After the boys left for school, I got ready and hopped on the train to follow them to school for a parent meeting.


Once a month the school holds a meeting for the parents of kids in the ASD program.  Today’s meeting was about executive function and included the dissection of a sheep’s brain!  Crazy!


When I got home I got right in the car to run errands.


Which included getting a ticket from the muni-meter to pay for parking.


Finally some time to work-work.


Boys are home and I get their lunchboxes in the dishwasher right away to get them clean for tomorrow.


While they eat snack (chips, seaweed and sliced pears) I go through their papers and notebooks and respond to notes from their teachers.


Andrew decided I didn’t make enough snack for him, so he made himself a hummus wrap.


Then, it’s reading time.  Andrew split his reading time between his computer programming book and “Stone Soup”.


Isaac and I read some books his teacher sends home…but we spend most of his reading time working on comprehension.  He breezes through the reading part…it’s talking about the book that is so challenging for him.  We practice it every day. He’s getting much better at it. :)


Isaac always finishes his homework first.  Then he usually makes lists or books or charts.  Today he’s working with one of his atlases and a map of the USA.


Then, he helped me make pizza.



Andrew is finally done with homework too!  They wrestle around for 20 minutes before it’s time for dinner.


Isaac LOVES pizza night.


After dinner, Andrew showers and puts on his jammies before playing a little minecraft.


And Isaac takes a bath before playing a little Super Mario.


Dave was home late.  So today was mostly me and the boys.  :)

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