Week in the Life: Monday

WITL-26When I got up Monday morning, Andrew was sleeping on the couch…as usual. :)


I started making breakfast and lunches and packing snacks for the boys.


The boys always play with each other while they wait for the bus.  They pretend they are in Super Mario Brothers and throw fireballs at pretend gumbas.


Time to get pretty!


Close enough! :)


The laundry guy delivered our laundry clean and folded last night.  This morning I put everything away, which involves ironing and hanging the boys’ uniforms.


A little last minute Halloween costume project.


Lunch today was bean quesadillas and a honey crisp apple.


When the boys get home, they share school stories with me.  I record a little chart of their stories.


Then they play video games!  They each bring home charts from their teachers (Isaac’s is behavior related, Andrew’s is specifically about writing) and they earn game time for getting high scores on these charts.  Today they BOTH earned the highest possible scores!  Great news!


Then a snack of kiwi-berries (courtesy of Aunt Melodee!  She brought us some over the weekend and they boys LOVED them!), baby carrots and apple cider doughnuts (also courtesy of Aunt Melodee!).


During snack time Isaac told me that the teacher asked each of the students what they wanted to be when they grow up.  He said that he told her he wants to be “the boss” when he grows up.  Which is exactly what he tells us.  Glad he didn’t sugar coat it for her. ;)


Andrew’s handwriting and attitude about writing has come SO FAR these few first weeks of fourth grade.  His OT, teacher and I have come up with a system that is working WONDERFULLY.  I am so encouraged by this growth!


After dinner….we carved pumpkins!



Andrew did some actual carving this year…instead of just helping clean out the pumpkins.  He did a great job!


Dave did a great job too! ;)


Isaac calls his pumpkin Jack and insisted on three teeth.



Andrew calls his pumpkin “JAIL BREAK PUMPKIN!!!!!” and recreated this idea he saw in a magazine of one pumpkin inside another.  Luckily, the pumpkins we got from granddaddy were SO ENORMOUS that we could easily fit another pumpkin inside Andrew’s pumpkin. :)


So proud!

And that was Monday!

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