Vermont Weekend

Sept Vermont-15

We had a long weekend this past weekend and we spent it in Vermont, which is GORGEOUS this time of year! :)

Andrew talked his grandmother into buying him a ring pop. And since she was buying one, she also picked up 3 “emergency back-up ring pops”. You know. In case of a ring-pop emergency. :)

Sept Vermont-22

Sept Vermont-38

Oh how they love her!

Sept Vermont-53

Sept Vermont-63

We love trips to Vermont.

Sept Vermont-85

On this trip we took a ski lift up a mountain at the local ski resort to check out the fall foliage. Dave and I went with Andrew…

Sept Vermont-110

….who said hello to all of the other lift riders we passed. :) My mom and Isaac were too spooked by the lift to join us. So, they waited for us at the base of the mountain.

Sept Vermont-103

The view was gorgeous.

Sept Vermont-129

Then we drove up to the look out and played on abandoned ski lifts and enjoyed the view.

Sept Vermont-142


Back at the house we spent a lot of time playing the yard. My parents have this game we call “Zim Zam”. It’s like a tether ball version of tennis and we love it!





The boys are actually not-so-great at this game. They get hit by the ball constantly, which luckily, everyone finds hilarious. Isaac kept stopping the game, stepping in the middle and saying “this is the end of the game”, and declaring a winner (usually me!). Andrew tried incorporating different obstacles and a hard-to-follow point system. My mom and I just hit the ball and schooled those boys in sportsmanship and hand-eye-coordination! :)

It was a good weekend. :)

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  1. Vicki Dill says:

    The Vermont tourism dept. should pay you for these pictures!! We had a great time as well. It sure is quiet around here now :)

  2. Ruth says:

    Love that family shot of the four of you ~ perfect!

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