This weekend was Dave’s birthday! Andrew made a present-machine out of rope and boxes and tinkertoys. He’s sitting next to it in the photo above. And here’s how it works. Andrew sits behind it and pulls on a tinkertoy-rope contraption. As he pulls on the rope, the present starts to emerge from behind the sign (the sign says: “Hi and happy birthday. this is a machine.”) and as it emerges, it lifts the sign up. Andrew claims that this is the first invention that he’s made that works! But…I don’t think that’s true. It seems like a lot of what he makes works…but maybe he means this works like he envisioned.

Isaac cut out the little 36’s out of paper, helped me wrap the presents and made Dave a card that included a maze he drew (Isaac’s drawing mazes now! Remember Andrew’s intense maze phase?) and a dot-to-dot.

Dave loved his presents (a digital miscroscope and a suitcase. for some reason everyone was more interested in the microscope. I thought luggage was a practical, thoughtful gift! ;) ) and loved the care that went into their presentation. :) These boys are so fun with that stuff.

On a side note: I have confirmation from Andrew that he will be playing the role of Santa again this Christmas. He has some new chimney designs he wants to try and I have a whole long list of Santa-esk tasks that he’s going to help me out with! :) He’s SO the kid for the job!


The boys and I put little helium balloons inside the suitcase we gave Dave, so that when Dave opened it, they all escaped. It was super fun. And luckily Isaac was more than willing to help with the cleanup of that project while Andrew hid in the bedroom fearing a balloon might pop :)


The next day we went hiking!


It feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve gone hiking and this trail was such a great one. :) It was nearby, not too tick-y, not too steep and the boys ran, zig-zagging down the path for a lot of the hike.










And now, Monday.

Hope yours was a great weekend!

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