Monday thoughts and boys in culverts

Vermont Trip 2014-828

Vermont Trip 2014-821

Vermont Trip 2014-825

Vermont Trip 2014-818

I’m sorting through photos from our trip to Vermont, our camping trip in Pennsylvania, and three different client shoots. I’m making steady progress, I’m glad to say…but I still have a lot of work ahead of me before I feel on top of things again. I keep coming back to these photos though. We did the Great Vermont Corn Maze with my friend and her boys while we were in Vermont and it was an amazing amount of fun. There was this huge culvert in the middle of the maze, with corn growing on top of it! and the boys all loved the play potential of this cool structure.

Things are settling in here with very few hiccups to speak of. No one has contacted me yet about hard-to-manage behaviors that they are seeing from my boys…though it’s still early. ;) I’m totally on stand by for when my kids get squirrelly and the people that work with them need a little support from the home front. But so far, so good. Andrew claims he has the best teacher in the world. And Isaac is proud of his classroom job. He is one of two fish feeders who make sure Donnie Bubbles gets a good sprinkling of food before leaving him behind at the end of the day. It really is an important task. :)

I feel skeptical that fall will actually come this year. And I’m surprised about how much I don’t want summer to end. But, today is cool and breezy and I’ve been seeing some yellow leaves scattered about. And…it’s nice.

Here’s to buckling down!

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  1. Vicki Dill says:

    Donnie Bubbles is in good hands!!!

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