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This morning has been about deep breaths. :) They are back in school.

Night before last I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about the bus. I always worry about the bus. If the matron will be a punk, if the bus will be late, early, safe, crazy. If my boys will behave on the bus. But last night, I was able to let go of my bus worries a little and just let it be. Whatever happens, we’ll deal with it.

Andrew is starting fourth grade. Yesterday we went to the school to meet his teacher. He told her all about circuitry and magnetism and how electricity affects magnets and how he hopes this school year will be REALLY HIGH TECH! She affirmed it would be a high tech year and asked how he knew about circuitry and they chatted a little. He told her that was excited to start the STEM classes (his school recently got a STEM grant making them a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math focused school) and that when it was time to chose his STEM class, he was going to put a BIG star next to the most complicated robotics class there is! Not sure there actually will be a robotics class…but I sure hope so! When there was a lull in the conversation, Andrew took the opportunity to wink at her. “Did you just wink at me?!” she asked. He responded by nodding and winking again. ha!

Isaac is starting first grade. Yesterday we went to meet his teacher, whom Andrew had in first grade and who might be the best teacher on the planet. Not *sure* about that… but she’s pretty rockin’. I’m worried that Isaac will be a rascal…because I think Isaac WILL be a rascal. But…she’s dealt with her fair share of rascals (you know…like Andrew…) and I think she can manage him. This program does a LOT with behavior management and a common element that the classrooms use are “token boards”. The kids carry around little clipboards with velcro badges they stick into place to record positive behaviors. When they earn a given number of badges, there is some kind of reward. Isaac’s teacher custom made him a token board with a map of the United States! So he’ll be earning states for good behavior! I LOVE it! :) And…so does he!

I feel like I have finally have some space to think my thoughts and get some work done and tidy up around here. I was dreading back-to-school. Those early mornings are brutal! But the routine, structure, time, space…it’s really nice. And I love the team we’re working with in educating our kids.

Here’s to a rockin’ school year!

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  1. I laughed out loud when I read that Andrew winked at his teacher. Haha – so awesome. And I LOVE that Isaac’s teacher has his number where the US map is concerned. Here’s to a fantastic school year! (Enjoy your quite time, mama!)

  2. Vicki Dill says:

    They sure are in the right place–in so many ways!!!!

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