Isaac In Vermont

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While in Vermont:

1. Isaac swung from the pipes in the basement at my parents’ house. There are some at his level by the stair case and if he grips them just right he can swing back and forth at the landing. My parents, as you might imagine, are not thrilled with this trick.

2. He pee’d: off of the front porch, off a pier (twice), off of my dad’s boat, on the wood pile, and off of a bridge. He occasionally also used the toilet.

3. He revved the engine of my parents’ truck. We adults were all fussing with loading the boat onto the trailer just so, when Isaac went over to check out the driver’s side and pressed on the gas pedal with his hand while the truck was running. Luckily, it was in park.

4. He made several atlases. In the first draft of his first atlas, he made a table of contents that told you which page you’d find each state. He brought it to me, and explained, if I turn to page 1, I’d learn all about Maine. I turned to page one and all it had was the word “MAINE” in large letters. :)

5. He’s also going through a pig phase and often pretended he was a little piggy looking for carrots. He was thrilled to meet some real pigs at the County Fair.

6. When brought to the toy store to pick out something, he picked out a large map of the United States, which he brought everywhere and showed everyone. He assumes EVERYONE is as jazzed about geography as he is…and I have to say, his enthusiasm IS contagious.

7. He explored the “Water Stream” (a stream by our cabin, which he called the Water Stream) every day. He labeled different sections of it “Water Stream 1”, “Water Stream 2”, etc. And he was DYING to crawl through the culvert at the end of the stream that directs the water under the road. Finally on the last day, I let him and Andrew crawl through. They LOVED it!

8. He always rearranged the same things in my mom’s house when we would visit them. He’d leave on the lights in little used rooms, arrange her books in a different way, turn the heater on, and leave the main door in the basement wide open every time he went through it. My mom learned after a few visits which spots to check after we’d leave to turn off the heat, the lights and close the doors. Somethings she left until we were safely back in New York before she bothered putting back the right way.

9. Every time we’d visit my brother-in-law’s home, Isaac would crawl up on the roof of my niece’s playhouse and just sit there. My brother-in-law, after watching him do this several times, told me “I think Isaac’s going to be a roofer!” ha! maybe!!

Isaac is a wild, slightly dangerous, whirling dervish wherever he is. And Vermont fits him perfectly. :)

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  1. Awesome photos and super fun read about your fun little man. And I must add that he is looking so much older these days!

  2. erin says:

    I adore these pictures of your little carrot-top!

  3. Debs says:

    Oh Isaac, what a character he is! As they get older, I really see similarities of you in Isaac and Dave in Andrew. Sounds like you all had a fantastic time and have brought back many happy memories of a great summer.

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