weekend success!


Dave is in London this week. He flew out on Saturday and will be back late, late Thursday night. (If you don’t mind…let me brag about him a little. He’s in London to do a series of trainings for the staff at the Tate museum. They contacted him about getting them up to speed on how to manage their audio-visual collections and arranged his trip out there. When he asked how they found him, they told him that they were in contact with the New York and San Francisco MOMA museums and the staff at both museums recommended Dave. I could burst with pride that when three international art galleries where on a phone conference with each other, my husband’s name was passed around as the-guy-for-the-job. Dave, you are the COOLEST!)

ANYWAY…when Andrew realized that his dad was going to be in London…AND that his bridge building set had instructions for creating the Tower Bridge, he decided he HAD to make it in honor of Dave’s trip. And so he did. :)

Pictured above: Andrew with the model of the Tower Bridge. Pictured below: Dave with the real Tower Bridge.


And now if Dave could arrange a trip to Sydney to go with Andrew’s next bridge, the Sydney Harbor Bridge…well, that would just be lovely. (Any modern art museums that need consultants in Sydney, Amy?!)

So, Dave travels quite a bit for work and although he usually arranges to be home during the weekends…he couldn’t swing that this time. And when faced with a weekend alone with the boys, I admit, I was a little nervous. Most of our friends seem to be out of town right now and I usually feel overwhelmed bringing both of my impulsive, high energy, wander off, little lambs to cool events by myself. But I decided to brave it with a Hot Air Balloon festival in New Jersey!




untitled-8032 untitled-8058

A festival that included farm animals and rides and hot air balloons! It was perfect and we did great!!







untitled-8159 untitled-8170

I chalked it up as a personal victory! Hooray! I lost NO ONE! I managed to use the bathroom without crowding us all into a stall with me. I stood in line for tickets and ice cream AND funnel cake without having to repeatedly leave the line to go get Isaac, or manage his I-Hate-Lines-Meltdown in a tiny crowded line of people. Maybe these boys are growing up! Maybe I have more tricks up my sleeve than I realized. Whatever it is…we all deserve more credit than I thought we did. :)


Then on Sunday we stayed close to home. We went to the handball courts and played ball.



And we went to the bouncy house place for air conditioned bouncing.


I successfully tired them out and had a great time doing it. :)

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5 Responses to weekend success!

  1. Ruth says:

    Shame I didn’t know dave was in town, I’d have invited him to dinner! Well done you on a hugely successful weekend. Love, love, love that last photo especially.

  2. JenN says:

    That’s awesome for Dave! And high fives to you as well! I’m pretty sure the boys enjoyed their Mommy time :)

  3. Debs says:

    You must be SO proud of Dave! I hope he enjoyed his visit, and that the Tate need him back again sometime and ask him to bring the whole family. Looks like you had the boys well under control with fun activities. They certainly look exhausted by the end of it!

  4. erin says:

    Dave – that is so awesome!!!
    Love the pic of Andrew with the huge boxing gloves :)

  5. Vicki Dill says:

    So, so proud of Dave!!! and of you and how you conquered the weekend!!!! Looks like a great time was had by all!

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