1. Andrew’s part way through week 2 of his 3 weeks at the YMCA summer camp. Every day he has stories about his new friend, who uses a wheelchair. It turns out that this friend has Brittle Bone Disease and when I found that out I nearly had a heart attack. Andrew is WAY too rambunctious for someone with such a fragile condition! But…it seems to be going okay and Andrew knows that he MUST use extreme care with his new friend.

2. Isaac has been out of the “Boring Chair” for over a week now! Which means he’s actually listening to teachers. He lines up now when they blow the whistle at recess instead of what he used to do…run away. Oh Isaac.

3. Andrew’s been working on a couple of different projects when he’s not in camp that have me seeing him as a Big Kid lately. He’s finished another of his K’Nex bridges. It took him over a week, but it’s done. It took some tinkering and problem solving to figure out a few things…but he loves that. He also built an FM radio this weekend with his Snap Circuits and he’s up to his ears in learning how to program. He’s learning Python from the book Hello World and he loves, loves, loves it. It’s a great book, if you know some young little computer geeks that would dig that kind of thing. I highly recommend it!

4. Last night at dinner I asked Isaac what he did at camp. I didn’t expect an answer because he almost never can answer that question…or, he almost never WILL answer that question…take your pick. But I thought I’d give it a go anyway and he said, “I wrote an upside down letter to Mr. Billy.” then I asked “Who is Mr. Billy?” and he said, “Mr. Billy is the pizza teacher.” And I was stunned. :) Last week his class took a trip to a local pizzeria where they rolled out dough and ate steamy slices and now I know that his class wrote thank you notes to the pizza guy, Mr. Billy. Why his letter was upside down is beyond me….though it does speak to Isaac’s sense of silly. :) I just can’t believe he was able to share something so specific and I was SO happy to hear it!

5. Isaac is still a big time geography nut. He knows his states and capitals, where the states all go and what many of the state flags look like. He likes telling me that there is a sweet home in Alabama and promises to take me to Alaska when he’s a “grown mup” (which, I would LOVE!). He can list and map the countries of North and Central America and is starting to memorize the countries in Africa. He came home from school one day asking what country is IN South Africa. I told him that there weren’t any countries IN South Africa…that he must be thinking of how Vatican City is IN Italy. No, he insisted, there is a country IN South Africa. And sure enough…he was right…Lesotho is a small country completely surrounded by South Africa! (I didn’t know that before…as you can see…) I must say though, with all this talk about geography, my own geography skills are really taking off. :)

6. I’ve finally found my summer groove now that we are a few weeks into it. I’ve divided up my work into tasks I can do after Isaac gets home and tasks I need to do while he’s at camp. His camp is only a few hours each day…and it goes by fast! But my system is working out well and I’m able to hit all my marks: work, keep things up around the home, work with Isaac on the various things we’re up to this summer (workbooks, handwriting, talking about and reading books, playing turn taking games and learning how the world doesn’t end if you do NOT go first or if, heaven forbid, you lose the game, and hitting the pool every now and then). But… I am looking forward to August…with no camps and the boys with me and the crazy adventures in store.


7. Summer 2014, you ain’t so bad. And THAT is a huge relief.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Summer 2014? I think you have it nailed!

  2. Vicki Dill says:

    Wow! To think that when I was their age, I spent my summer playing tag, hide and seek and catching “lightening bugs”!

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