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This week:

1. I finished a scrapbook page that I started last week about our trip to San Francisco (and Lake Tahoe and Nevada) that we took last summer. It wasn’t a project that took a whole lot of time, but it did take forever to get around to it.

2. I made muffins and bread which I didn’t photograph and I never got around to making the pie I was hoping to make.

3. I’ve been killing it lately with homemade pizzas. I’ve been a once-a-week pizza maker for years and this past winter my pizzas took a terrible dive into “too wet and messy”. I’ve stopped planning ahead of time what pizza I’ll make and I’ve let the CSA decide for me. This week our CSA gave us zucchini…so zucchini pizza it was! Last week we got a ton of onions…so Caramelized Onion Pizza was a new favorite. Not over-thinking it is working out marvelously!

4. I’ve become a Mommy-Chaufer. We’ve been totally spoiled by the NYC DOE and it’s Special Needs programs for our boys that *include transportation*! So, this summer with Andrew being in other kinds of camps, I’ve joined the leagues of Mommy-Chaufers. Shuffling kids around is new for me and I can’t believe how much of my day it’s been eating up!

5. Speaking of Andrew…

photo 2

This week he went to very fancy (read: very expensive) computer camp. On Monday, when I dropped him off, I was so nervous that I had mild tummy troubles. It was the first time I left him in the care of people that weren’t specifically “Special Needs” people. And I had NO IDEA how it would go. I ended up calling the camp around 11 that morning to check in…and everything was fine. :) phew! He’s been using software to design a toy that he printed out on a 3D printer. And he’s been doing work with computer programs that connect to a set of circuits. So, suffice it to say: he’s been having the time of his life. AND! He made a friend! (swoon swoon!)

6. But…getting a glimpse of the fancy programs out there for kids has given me a taste of the Rat Race that is raising kids in NYC. Should we break the bank and send Andrew to more camps like that?! Are we doing him a disservice by not making every week of his summer equally amazing?! Are the other kids in the camp way ahead of him in their tech skills and should we be working to get him caught up?!

oh man. It’s brutal, that Rat Race. I’ve gotten my head about me now (I think). I feel grateful that he did this week of computer camp and I feel fine about the rest of summer being just “great!” instead of “unbelievably amazing and enriching in every way!” Not sure this peace will last though…here’s hoping.

7. And…this week also involved some chauffeuring for the little guy:


Isaac is going to summer camp that is part of his school program in the mornings…but one afternoon a week, he’s doing taking riding lessons. :) There is a place in Staten Island that offers therapeutic horseback riding to Special Needs kids. I don’t really know much about therapeutic horseback riding. Just that it’s something people do sometimes…. But I wanted Isaac to have something just for him. Andrew’s had so much just for him (well, ballet and computer camp) and Isaac loves animals, so I thought this might be really fun for him. And it was!

He was nervous about it the day before (after weeks and weeks of saying he wanted to do it!) but as soon as we got there he was walking around looking at the horses asking which one he could ride. They pulled out a small pony named Flight and fitted Isaac for a helmet. Then they got these stairs for him to use to mount. And he climbed up the stairs and tried scrambling on the pony all by himself! ha! He rode the pony with three adults assisting him and the therapist would stop them in the shade and work on activities with him. It was really cool! I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it…but it seems pretty cool and I’m interested to learn more. :)

Though…when we got back in the car, Isaac told me he was NOT going to do THAT again. ??? I don’t get it…but we’re definitely headed back next Wednesday to give it another go. I’m guessing he’s still a little nervous about the whole thing.

8. Sorry for the longest post in the history of blogging. It’s been such a full week! Hope you all are well!

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3 Responses to whirlwind week

  1. JenN says:

    Way to go Andrew and Isaac!

    The riding that Isaac is doing is really good for him. I’ve had horses for years, and therapeutic riding is always recommended for “Special Needs” kids. It uses muscles that you normally don’t use on a daily basis, excellent for working on balance and lots of hand, eye, leg coordination. And also a very good confidence booster :)

    Good luck with the busy summer!

  2. I think it is so cool that Andrew got to go to a camp like that, Robyn! I also think it’s cool that you know it’s ok to let him coast for the remainder of the summer. LOVE that Isaac is on that beautiful pony! I will be curious to hear more about how that benefits him as you begin to figure it out yourself. xo

  3. Amy says:

    I have well and truly entered the realm of being a Mummy Chaufer! As for point 6, well, I have those feeling all of the time and I really struggle with a balance between providing fabulous enriching experiences (costly ones) and fabulous enriching experiences that cost very little. Plus I do like kids to have the chance to just be kids – you know, in dirt and water and sometimes with having to cope with ‘nothing to do’ – heaven forbid!
    Can I just say, I haven’t shown my boy your pics of Andrew at this camp – he would be beside himself with jealousy! Looks like it was a sensational experience!

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