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First up: the Golden Gate Bridge. Andrew’s been steadily working on assembling this bridge for several days…and this weekend, he finished it!



This bridge building set makes 7 different bridges, so we decided when one was done, it would sit and be appreciated and photographed for a week or so before disassembly and construction on the next bridge begins. He did great with this…and I think this set has really emphasized to me that we are more of a K’Nex family than a lego family. Though…Andrew did get out the legos this morning to make “something that does everything…fly, swim, go on roads….” So the verdict might still be out on that one. :)


This story begins a few weeks ago. Isaac told me one day that he knew about a pizza place on “42nd Street and 5th Avenue!” I’ve never heard him talk about an intersection like that before…except I guess for the intersections where our home is. He has a pretty good sense of the grid system used around here and we were are on it…and where this particular pizza place is. So, anyway, he kept bringing it up. He wanted to go to “Little Caesar’s”. But…we live in BROOKLYN. We live in pizza central. Of ALL the pizza places around here I NEVER have a hankering for Little Caesar’s! Or Dominoes. Or Papa Johns. (have you seen John Stewart rant about New York pizza? That passion around here is FOR REAL.)

But, as Dave is a good Dad when it comes to these things, he suggested that for lunch on Saturday we go to Little Caesar’s. And oh my goodness, was Isaac excited. He told us where to find it, how to get there and led the way. When we got there and walked in he said a slow and respectful “woooooow!” And he was pleased as punch when we brought it to the park for a Little Caesar’s picnic. :)



When it was all said and done, I thought “alright. cross it off. Little Caesar’s, done!” until Isaac said “ok! We’ve been to Little Caesar’s ONE time!” giving me the impression that he was going to start keeping count. He expects to go back! uh oh.


On Sunday we took the tram to Roosevelt Island! Roosevelt Island is a small island in between Manhattan and Queens. There are some apartment buildings and a few schools…but not much else. It’s a small island. :)


But our trip was more about riding the tram. :) Which the boys called the “subway plane” since it’s entrance looked exactly like the entrance to the subway with turnstiles and places to swipe our metrocards.





It’s a pretty cool ride!


And then we were on Roosevelt Island!


Which is as good a place as any to get REALLY silly.





Probably the most notable structure out here is the smallpox hospital ruins. It was built in the mid-1800’s and was the first hospital to accept smallpox patients. It didn’t operate for too long before turning into a nurses’ training facility and then closing it’s doors in the 1950’s. But, it’s pretty, right?


Just past that is a memorial for Franklin Roosevelt. Andrew and I talked a little about how Roosevelt was in a wheelchair AND that he was president. People with disabilities can do all kinds of things!



And that’s a wrap!


Happy Mondays to you all!

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  1. I showed Doug the photo of Andrew’s bridge on Instagram this weekend and he was very impressed! And Isaac’s pizza story cracks me up!

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