Andrew’s Minecraft Party


Saturday was Andrew’s birthday party. And I think it’s time to officially stop worrying that his friends won’t come this time. Because as each parent arrived, they talked about how much their kid reminded and reminded them about the party. One mom said her son wouldn’t let her out of his sight on the day of the party in case she were to slip away and forget. ha! And while they were here, they had so much fun!

I planned the party for 4 in the afternoon, which is later than I usually plan for, but it worked out really well. I used Saturday for finishing up cupcakes, cleaning and decorating.


untitled-4158 untitled-4153

I thought the cupcake tower turned out so great! I was super proud of it. But…it fell victim to some little brother hi jinx. While Andrew and his classmates were playing with the toys and making the party craft, Isaac went into the kitchen and pulled the cupcake tower off the counter breaking one of the tiers (glass everywhere!) and ruining many cupcakes. That morning Isaac had been asking what presents he would be getting at Andrew’s party and seemed to be feeling a little irritable about Andrew getting all this attention. When I ran into the kitchen after hearing the crash, Isaac was standing in the middle of it with his staring-into-space look. So, it sort of *looked* like an accident…but I really don’t think it was. Dave took Isaac while I cleaned up the mess with another mom. And I quickly arranged another quick tower with cupcakes and plates that were spared. ug. Isaac!

Meanwhile…the party went on!






The highlight of the party was when they all shared our phones and iPads to play minecraft together. Andrew had spent a lot of time during the week before the party building a world for his friends to explore. So, seeing them actually go in his world and play with him….it was an Andrew dream come true!


Happy Birthday, kiddo! You are so well loved! :)


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  1. Ruth says:

    Love that last shot especially!

  2. Vicki Dill says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all!! Especially the birthday boy!

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