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Yesterday I tagged along with the classes in the boys’ program for an event hosted by Special Olympics. We went to the football field of a high school where 25 games were set up for the classes to cycle through. There was a helper at each of the games, and some of the folks helping out were Special Needs Middle and High School students. Lots of classes from different schools showed up, but there was plenty for everyone to do! :)

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It was a really fun event and I’m so glad I tagged along! Usually, there are so many staff members working with my boys’ classes, that they don’t need parents to go on field trips…but I asked and asked if I could go to this one. :) pushy! geesh!

It was a great day!

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One Response to Special Olympics

  1. LV says:

    Wow! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.
    I’ll be sure to go on next years trip with my daughter now. Did your sons get the “Special Olympics” medals? My Alana went on her first Special Olympics event this year, her class actually went on two different occasions, and she came back with a gold medal on the first, and a silver medal on the second. The medals are pretty as they’re not plastic, I was surprised!
    It’s so nice that the older children with special needs were helping, I can imagine how good it made them feel. :)

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