Crazy Hat Day

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Today is Crazy Hat Day at the boys’ school. A notice came home about it on Friday and when I asked the boys what kind of crazy hats they wanted to make, Andrew wanted to make a minecraft hat and Isaac wanted to make a 50 states hat. are you surprised?! :) I wasn’t.


Isaac wanted all 50 states on his hat. So I printed out the states and he patiently sat and cut out all 50 by himself. He organized them in alphabetical order, picked out red and pink pipe cleaners to attach them to and lined it all up so I would be stapling the states in alphabetical order in a red-pink-red-pink pipe cleaner pattern. :) I was surprised and pleased with how much Isaac was able to do with this project! It was so fun to work with him on it!

And then….Andrew. Sigh.


Andrew, when presented with a project like this, has visions of grandiose design. He wanted his hat to not only have minecraft decorations on it, but include TWO handbooks on how to use Redstone (the circuitry part of minecraft) hanging from it. Which meant he first had to design things in minecraft to get screen shots of, print and put in booklets. Which, for some reason, I agreed to! (???) So, he spent over an hour just creating the booklets to hang from the hat! Then he spent a long time making prototype structures with pipe cleaners to figure out the design he wanted to use. I definitely felt the pull of “I want to encourage this side of him” and “I don’t want to spend all day doing this”. Plus, I don’t want him to get so in over his head that he doesn’t complete his projects!

But finally it came together!


hahaha! I love that kid! :)



And we definitely have two crazy hats and two crazy kids for crazy hat day!


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3 Responses to Crazy Hat Day

  1. Cathy says:

    Wow! You are so patient! Those hats are great!

  2. LV says:

    Yes, so patient! I would have just told my girls to add few stickers here, a few feathers there, and called it a Crazy Hat.
    I can read one of Andrew’s booklets and it says “complicated,” what’s the other one read, “uncomplicated”? Too cute and smart!

  3. Vicki Dill says:

    Wow!! I wish I could see what the rest of the kids in the school came up with. You are a modicum of patience. Those hats are great!

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