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Oh man, I sooooo needed this weekend. I feel better today than I have in WEEKS because of this past weekend. :)

And also, I never tire of water-fountain-faces. I love my kids’ face mid-water-fountain-drink. I should do a series of people drinking at water fountains, I love it so much. (Consider this a warning to not use water fountains around me)


We hit the playground Sunday morning before church, where the boys mostly wanted to swing hard and high.



And on Monday we hit the beach.


There were probably tens of thousands of people in Coney Island yesterday. I read a news article that said “millions of New Yorkers went to Coney Island and other beaches” for Memorial Day….and let me tell you…there were A LOT of people there. But, this summer marks 12 years of me being a New Yorker and I’ve developed the ability to find an inner “Crowd Mode”. I feel the crunch, notice the colorful, funky crowd (instead of trying to get out of it), enjoy the scene and the energy…and keep the trip short so I don’t get overloaded. :) My Crowd Mode techniques worked beautifully yesterday! :)


Plus, I’ve mastered my skill of not getting other peoples’ kids in my photos (and thus, staying out of trouble with photo-phobic parents PLUS keeping the focus on my own cuties!), and I used that skill a LOT yesterday. :) ha!




And even though it was crowded, I was so glad we went. We carved out a place for our family on the beach near the water and Dave and I took turned guarding kids and guarding stuff. The boys LOVE the beach with ALL of their hearts. :) The water was about 50 degrees but that did not deter them from getting in (especially Andrew!). And the sand was ripe for shoveling and sculpting.

untitled-3150 untitled-3098

It was a great weekend!

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