Ballet Recital!


This past weekend was Andrew’s ballet recital. I hadn’t really thought much about it as we trudged to class each week. I knew it was coming. I video taped parts of the routine so Andrew could practice at home. I was looking forward to it…but I wasn’t too hyped up about it. Other parents were talking about making hair appointments for their daughters and replacing their now-dingy leotards with new ones for the show. But, I don’t have to worry too much about Andrew’s hair and his black leggings are as black as ever. I figured this wouldn’t be as big a deal to me as it will be for everyone else.

But then something VERY interesting happened at the rehearsal the week before the show. Andrew’s teacher taught Andrew how to do a simple lift and incorporated him lifting a fellow dancer as part of the grande finale. And then….forget it. I was on COULD NINE. He was going to do a LIFT!!! How STINKIN’ CUTE is that?!

And then I started to worry! What if I’m so excited that I miss it?! I immediately contacted my aunt, and fellow ballet-mom, for tips on catching the cuteness on video. And then I passed along her tips to Dave so HE could video and I could just sit and enjoy it. But of course….that’s not what I did. I couldn’t just sit there and WATCH! Nope. So…while Dave used my SLR for video, I took a few pictures with my phone.


Including this one:


The lift! And if this isn’t the cutest thing in the whole wide world…then I don’t know what is. I’m SO GLAD I got this silly cell phone shot, even though it meant I didn’t see the lift in high-resolution-real-life and instead saw it in medium-resolution-cell-phone screen. Because now I can look at it and show it to people. And goodness it’s so cute!

As a side note: on the second week of class last fall, I asked one of the dads if his daughter mentioned having a boy in the class. He said yes and that she thought it was a little weird. “But I told her, you watch! One day he’ll be lifting you!” and sure enough! THAT was the very girl he lifted! That dad CALLED it! :)


At the end of the show, the stage filled up with the classes that were performing that day (the performances were spread out over the whole weekend) and you might notice (though I’m not sure Andrew did) that there is ONE boy on that stage. My brave, slightly oblivious, adorable dancer. I am so proud of him!




And his teacher is simply the best. :) She’s SO good at managing his silly side…which is no easy feat.


It looks like we are signing up for another year of ballet. Go Andrew Go!!

wanna see the dance? Here you go!

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6 Responses to Ballet Recital!

  1. Petra says:

    I just love the way he’s just out of sync. Looks incredibly cute, reminds me of my son, also in the only one in ballet class. Great lift!

    • Robyn says:

      I sort of love that part too. SOOO cute. SOO endearing. And really shows how hard he’s trying. You have a son in ballet too?! That’s awesome!

  2. Plume says:

    This is awesome! Go Andrew!

  3. Vicki Dill says:

    Totally made my day!!!!! He does look so NOT self conscious :)

  4. Ruth says:

    Hooray!! I’m so very proud of him!!!

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