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Since I discovered that I can buy digital downloads off of Etsy, I’ve been going sort of crazy with it. :) I bought a few packages of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom downloads from several different designers. And who knew Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was a party theme that would already have this stuff predesigned?! So convenient!

In the cake photo above, you can see the “cupcake toppers” (from here). I printed them at regular size for the cake, but I also printed tiny ones for Isaac’s lunches this week AND for the cupcakes we had at his party.

I also bought a big set of downloads that included a design for his invitation, a banner, water bottle wrappers, thank you notes and tags to use with the favors (here). I revamped it a little by adding a photo of Isaac. AND! See how Isaac is wearing a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom shirt?! Oh yes he is!! Got that here! I know it’s sort of over-the-top for your kid to match his party….but let’s file this one under “I couldn’t help myself”. Ok? :)  Plus…he loves it.





And…one more thing! On the inside cover of the book, there is a graphic of the alphabet that looks EXACTLY like these placemats that Zaida is modeling in the photo below…


another Etsy download! (here)

Now, I might not have been tempted to add so many little details inspired by the book. But when I would come across things, I kept thinking “oh he LOVES this part!” He’s just such a detailed kid about the things he likes. And sure enough…during the party, when he kept finding things I had done, he would get SO excited! It was really sweet.

Next up is Andrew’s minecraft birthday party in June. :) So, there will definitely be some more trolling on Etsy to find fun things for his birthday.

Good weekends and Happy Mother’s Days all around!  See you on the other side!

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