Road Trip with Kids

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My mother was the master of the road trip. She would buy us little toys and coloring books and she kept them up at her feet in the front of the car. She’d distribute something new after meals to keep us entertained for a while. She also planned stops at cool spots along the way. Her greatest road trip feat (in my perspective…my brother and sister might have other favorite road trip memories) was driving my sister and I across the country to South Dakota where my dad had recently been stationed. My brother was in college, and my father was already in South Dakota working. So, it was just my mom, sister and me….and two pet rabbits we kept bunked in cages in the backseat. She planned the trip so that we would stop in at friends’ and relatives’ along the way…which meant that trip started in Virginia (where we had been living), took us through North Carolina (to visit family), Mississippi (to see friends), Louisiana (more friends), and then up through the Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa strip to get to South Dakota. I saw A LOT of the country in those few weeks of travel. :)

So, when I was planning this trip, I had some ideas of how it could go smoothly. :)

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Besides the peep pillows and little blankets I made, I got a little basket to sit between the boys with clipboards of paper, a bag of pens, books, and some minecraft toys. Then, magically, the Easter Bunny would periodically leave little presents for the boys. We’d get back to the car from breakfast or lunch and there would be a little present on each of their seats! And the presents were these great little travel games! Smart, smart Easter Bunny! One of the favorite travel game he left was a License Plate Scavenger Hunt…which I totally recommend!

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The boys did spend some time playing on the iPads…but I really tried to limit it. And I feel like I was pretty successful! Thanks to the Easter Bunny of course. ;)

We also brought along the boys’ scooters which fold up really small. Whenever the boys started getting squirrelly in the back, we’d stop for some scootering.

photo 3 photo 8

And we found this weird/cool drive-through safari. :)

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Another thing I did to prepare was to create a playlist of silly Minecraft parody songs for us to listen to. It was a HUGE hit!

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So, most of our trip looked like this:

photo 7

When it got late, we put the boys in their jammies, snuggled them down with their peep pillows and blankets and here, with Easter glow wands!

photo 4

It was really, really successful! I’m so pleased with how the road-trip part of the road trip went! And the boys enjoyed themselves, but when we walked by our car yesterday on the way to the grocery store, Isaac said “nooooooo!!! no driving in the car! the car is SICK and needs to REST!” Roger that, Isaac. We’ll leave the car alone for a while. :)

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  1. This sounds like so much fun, Robyn! You did a great job of planning ahead, and I loved reading about how your mom did road trips too. I’d say you’re a chip off the ol’ block! Well done!

  2. Vicki Dill says:

    This brought back some great memories!! I actually loved picking out all those things to give you guys to keep you busy! Glad it worked in the next generation!

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