Spring Break!


For Spring Break this year, we drove out to Chicago! It’s a 13 hour car trip from New York to Chicago and we broke down the driving mid-way with hotel stays in Pennsylvania (on the way there) and Indiana (on the way back). The boys did great in the car…and when things got a little wacky in the back seat, we just stopped and let the boys use their scooters to burn off steam in nearby parks.


In fact, as soon as we arrived in Chicago, we celebrated with some hardcore scootering!


Before this trip, my boys were clumsy and awkward on their scooters…now they are total pros! I love it! :)


The trip was a mix of seeing the cool scenes of Chicago…and gorging on Science Museums…as we tend to do. :)


We LOVED Millennium Park!



It had this cool fountain, with giant moving faces illuminated on it and water flowing down it.  Every now and then a stream of water would come flowing out of the mouths of the people projected.  My boys LOVED that part!! So silly!

untitled-9215 untitled-9236

We also loved their Museum of Science and Industry AND their Alder Planetarium!  And when I say “we” loved it…Andrew takes first place in how much he loved these places. :)


And when Isaac would get tuckered out from too much museum, Dave or I would get him a snack and find a quiet place to relax.


Like this “campfire” play area with a ceiling of stars!  So cool!


Meanwhile Andrew was learning how to launch into outer space.



We’d spend the mornings at museums and the afternoons doing city exploration.


untitled-9354 untitled-9359 untitled-9395 untitled-9406 untitled-9415


We LOVED Chicago!!


The whole reason we went, was so that I could go a photography workshop.  I learned a TON.  It was definitely worth the trip!


On the way back we visited a drive through safari, where we fed llamas, bison, deer and zebras right from our car window.  Honestly, the whole set up was a little strange….but Andrew thought it was fantastic.

untitled-9567 untitled-9577

And although Isaac liked watching Andrew feed the animals, when an animal got close to his car window, he’ll yell “Back up, please!!” No crowding, Isaac, guys!

untitled-9580 untitled-9630 untitled-9633 untitled-9634

We also went for a walk in a state park at Lake Erie…where…um…Andrew said his shirt “fell off”.  ???? oh boy.


It was a great trip!!  And we LOVED that it was a road trip!  I’m trying to talk Dave into our next road trip being a journey out to South Dakota! I lived there for a year when I was a kid and I would LOVE to show it off to the family.  So far, he’s not biting…but just give me time. :)


Hope you all had lovely Easter weekends!!

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  1. Vicki Dill says:

    It looks like you packed all you could into this visit!! and got educated as well! His shirt “fell off”? (:

  2. Susan says:

    We drove through South Dakota on our way from Colorado to Minnesota one summer and we LOVED it. Seriously, the most underappreciated state in the country. We actually talk about doing a sabbatical year in a cabin in the Black Hills.

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