growth spurts!


My kiddos are going through intense growth spurts right now. Or…maybe it is more fair to say…my kids are working through all kinds of ideas in ways that I can recognize. :)

After weeks and weeks of primarily being obsessed with minecraft, I am excited for the little changes in interest happening around here. Dave also plays minecraft and since he knows the game he has a better of understanding of what they are learning by playing that obsessive game. He gets impressed by their “builds” and the way they design things…meanwhile I work on managing a growing ball of anxiety that this time on minecraft is rotting their brains. It’s just hard for me to see the value of it other than using it as incentive.

But! This weekend Dave downloaded a program called Blender. It’s for digital animation and since it looks a lot like photoshop, there are definitely skills developing that I recognize. Andrew watches YouTube tutorials with a notebook and pencil in hand. He yells “pause pause pause!” when there is something he needs to record and we pause it to give him time to take notes and then start it up again when he’s ready for more. He’s taken to it quickly and can’t wait to learn more. I LOVE that about him. His intensity sure is great fuel for learning. :)

And Isaac been talking about the states a little here and there over the past couple of weeks. He’ll mention Texas and Florida and Rhode Island…but not in ways that make much sense. Like “are you in Rhode Island, Mommy? Are you in Texas?” Yesterday I was surprised at how many states he listed. “The states, Mommy, help you KNOW where you ARE.” So, I got out our puzzle of the United States and I printed out a map and he was SO excited. “I need to learn the states, Mommy!” He ended up making sketches of about 8 states, all with smiling faces. :) SOOO cute! This boy is drawn to learning in sets…so I’m guessing this is his next set to tackle. We’ll see though.


I love watching these boys learn. ;)

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    That center photo of Nora is so beautiful! She looks so pretty.

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