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It was one rainy weekend! But the boys didn’t mind at all. They put on their rainboots and went out on the porch with umbrellas. They loved it!


Isaac wasn’t feeling so great this weekend. He had a mild case of the tummy-troubles. So, he did a lot of relaxing. He spent a lot of time in his net swing.


Or resting on the couch with his guitar.


But Andrew took advantage of the rainy day to test for acid rain. His latest science kit (he gets twice-a-month-science-kits from the Young Scientists Club) was about acids and bases. It included pH paper and litmus paper and he really enjoyed doing the tests with this kit.


The next day, we did a lot of resting again…but I did talk everyone into a walk on the beach.


Andrew protested the most…but had the best time. Oh this kid.


He loved the windy adventure!


While we were down there we saw a group of Polar Bear Club members swimming! Wild!


We stuck to the sand.


And the little pier.


And then we walked down the boardwalk to…




Where we ordered hot dogs and lemonade.



It was a nice, restful weekend. Hope yours was a good one!

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  1. k8 says:

    Wow – the second from the last picture – it looks like Isaac is losing his babyness…kind of like his grown-up face is showing. Such a cutie!


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