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Let’s talk about lunch!

I’ve been packing bento lunches for Andrew and then both Andrew and Isaac for several years now. I really love it. I love their lunch boxes (we use laptop lunchboxes), I feel great about what they eat at lunch (veggies every day!) and lately I’ve been getting a kick out of bumping up the cute factor.

Last Spring I bought a little pack of plastic Star Wars rings and plastic robot rings. Then I cut a slit in the top of their sandwiches and I pressed in a decorative ring.  Andrew and Isaac LOVED it. It was so simple, but they thought it was GREAT to have fun little things in their lunches. So I ended up buying a few holiday packs…some Halloween decorations and then Christmas decorations (I buy most of my lunch decorations here)…but the boys stopped saying things about their cute lunches. I figured that ship had sailed and I shouldn’t bother to continue with decorating their lunches. But then one day, out the blue, Andrew went on and on about how much he loved his lunches and thinks the lunch decorations are AWESOME.

Alright! Me too! Let’s keep at it then!

I did snowy day lunches and valentine lunches and even a St. Patrick’s Day lunch. But what my boys *really* love is minecraft. They love, love, love minecraft….but the lunch decoration people have not caught on with minecraft goodies!

No matter. The bento folks might not be minecraft ready, but etsy sure is! Did you know that you can buy downloadable files from etsy?! And then down-load them right onto your computer and print out cuteness right in the comfort of your home  office?! Oh yes you can!! Yesterday I bought a set of minecraft digital art (here). It’s intended for birthdays…but it works great for lunches too! I printed out the downloads and cut them out. I secured the little boxes onto toothpicks and I used self-laminating sheets to laminate the larger boxes, making them more water-proof. I also printed out the cupcake wrappers, stacked two back-to-back, and stapled them into cupcake wrapper-shape. Next time I’m going to using the self-laminating sheets on the cupcake wrappers too. I think not laminating them will mean they are only good for one use…and I want to use them more than that.


The whole thing took me about 45 minutes and will last for weeks, if not longer. I am so psyched about this project that I am already scheming about other packages I can get from etsy and fashion into lunch cuteness. :)

Here’s a peek of what I have in the lunch-decor rotation right now. (I pack away the holiday stuff when it’s not in season)


And here’s an assembled minecraft lunch!


This is Andrew’s. He’ll be getting a bagel (homemade!) with hummus and lettuce, salami, a clementine and some bluberries, grape tomatoes and baby carrots. Isaac’s is the same, except for pb&j on that bagel instead of hummus.

Want more lunch ideas?! I am a hardcore follower of the blog Wendolonia where I get all kinds of lunch inspiration. Wendy also recently wrote a book about bento lunches. I highly recommend it! It’s called Everyday Bento and it’s SUPER cute. :)  Check it out!



I can’t wait to hear the lunch report when the kids get off the bus today! :)  Mommy kudos are a-comin’!

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5 Responses to lunch packing!

  1. Cathy says:

    Very cute indeed! You’re lucky you can still send PB+J to school… anything with nuts is banned from are schools because of allergies… :(

  2. Susan says:

    Great timing on this post! Between wanting to take more lunchtime picnics to the park and Joseph starting a crazy sports schedule, packable meals are suddenly important around here and I’ve had no practice!

  3. Wendy says:

    Thank you for mentioning my book! I didn’t even see that coming when I started reading this post and then — boom!

    I was super excited BEFORE I got to that part though, because the idea of the Minecraft printables is just genius. And the laminating! More genius! I will be copying ASAP.

  4. Ruth says:

    I enjoyed reading this post, but what does the term bento mean? TBC has school lunch and that’s been a success because he is eating more foods then before ~ peas, carrots and broccoli to name three.

  5. Robin you are such a fun mom! Every time I see bento lunches I wish they had been around when Carrie was little. I would have been ALL over that business!!!

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