Honestly…this weekend was a hard one for me! I was pretty uptight about things like “tidiness” and “organizing” and “everyone get off the computer!” I soooo wanted to go get lost in the woods for a little while and breath some fresh air…but we couldn’t quite make it happen. But…we did end up in Ft. Lee, New Jersey. And the park there has some great views.


And some canons (which Andrew pronounces “canyons”) to scrambled up on.


We also went to our local park.


And Isaac pretended he was the letters climbing the coconut tree (from his favorite book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom).


And Dave took some “photographer-y” photos of me. (I’m holding a broken camera and Dave’s using my real one!)


But the two big stories this weekend involve this guy:


And if you follow me on instagram or facebook, just call me a broken record. ;)

Story One: When we were at the playground on Saturday, Isaac went up to a family playing hopscotch, and in a nice loud voice said “hello friends! Can I have a turn?” My. Jaw. Dropped. I couldn’t believe it. They said yes, he hopped through the hopscotch, said “thanks!” and that was it. It was AMAZING. I still can’t believe it. I LOVE that he didn’t just force his way in. I love that he had a little “hello friends!” introduction to make. I LOVE that he asked for a turn. He even made EYE CONTACT! Dave and I have been saying to each other all weekend “Hello friends! Can I have a turn?” and then we smile the biggest smiles. :)

And then late last night, I found THIS:


Isaac is in the April issue of Parents magazine smiling his mischievous smile and flashing his red curls. We went in for this shoot last December and they told us he *might* be on the cover. I told myself I wasn’t getting my hopes up, but when they called and said they chose someone else for the cover, I realized I HAD been getting my hopes up. :) Oh well. He’s in there anyway, you just might have to hunt a little to find him. Look for bright green jeans…and you’ll find him ;) ha!

And for the record…Monday morning of Daylight Saving Time? hardest morning of the year. yuck!

Hope your weekends were good ones!

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5 Responses to weekend

  1. janel says:

    Lovely lovely post…revealing your emotions and love. The photo that Dave took is one of my favorites, and your family photo in the park is wonderful. I am certainly going to the store to check out our little “model’….have a great week and I hope adjustment to our time change is easy and restful.

  2. LOVE the photo of you with the {broken} camera, and of Isaac in his green outfit. SOOO cool that Isaac interacted the way he did! This post is filled with all kinds of awesome, Robyn! :o)

  3. Terri Deal says:

    Soooo awesome about the cover!!

  4. robyn says:

    Thanks so much, guys!

  5. Marti says:

    You are SO gorgeous in that shot with Andrew, Robyn.

    And Isaac is SO gorgeous in his green jeans.

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