This weekend flew by!


On Saturday we mostly stayed home. Isaac used the time to do one of his favorite at-home activities: build a Wipe Out Course! He sets up furniture, pillows and blankets to make an obstacle course and then he runs through it over and over until he’s sweaty and happy. :)


It’s great exercise and a great way to burn off a little energy for my busy guy.


Andrew worked on making a car out of tinker toys.  And…he let me and Isaac help a little. :)

untitled-5812  untitled-5866

Saturday night we watched “Night at the Museum” and then on Sunday we went to the Natural History Museum (the same museum that’s featured in the movie).

untitled-5933   untitled-5917

My boys love the part of the museum about Outer Space.  It’s easily their favorite area.


(and Isaac likes exploring parts of the museum not intended for exploration…like this pole that holds up a wall!)


Then we ventured to the area with the dinosaurs.  We were inspired to check out this area from seeing the dinosaur in the movie.





For some CRAZY reason, my kids aren’t really into dinosaurs.  They were both totally bored in this section. I don’t get it!  Aren’t they suppose to love dinosaurs?!

So we went to look for other areas from the movie.


And we found this case.  It’s a scene of indigenous people from…ummm…well…I forget (oops!)…but Isaac was totally taken with this little case.  He circled it, studying the little people for a LONG time.  Maybe he thought they would come to life?  I’m not sure and he wouldn’t talk to us about it…but he loved this part!

And both boys were excited to see this statue from Easter Island.  They loved him in the movie and were so glad to see him in real life. :)

untitled-5991  untitled-5905

Andrew’s getting a cavity filled this morning and Isaac now has a countdown chart by his bed for his own trip to the dentist (I’ve gotten some good ideas from his teachers and therapists about making his dentist visit as smooth as possible.  One idea was the countdown chart and this afternoon we’ll be doing another idea: role playing! I’ll be playing the part of the dentist AND the mother rewarding her son for doing what the dentist says!  Should be exciting!).  But I am feeling back in the swing of things after a rough back-to-it after Winter Break.  This week should be good one!  I’m outta here to make it happen!

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  1. Susan says:

    I love that you were sure to prepare your boys for the museum with your movie night selection :)

    I was obsessed with dinosaurs when I was seven. Eric was never into them. My first two were sort of “meh” about them but William brought home a dinosaur book from the library so we’ll see . . .

  2. I LOVE that photo of Isaac’s face in the pole that holds up a wall! SO cute!! And their haircuts look good so the new place must have been the ticket, eh? Glad you guys had a great weekend, and here’s wishing you an awesome week ahead! Good luck with all the dental stuff! xo

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