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Over Winter Break last week, I was reminded about just how high energy Andrew is. Oh my. He is INCREDIBLY high energy. From the moment he wakes up to the moment he falls sleep, he’s going at full tilt. He’s intense and active and talkative and BUSY. Last Thursday we went to a water park and on the home Dave and I were all spaced out in the front of the car, quiet, tired. Isaac was almost asleep in the back seat, wiped out from the activity and the noise and the stimluation from the water park…but Andrew? Andrew was ready for more. “That was AMAZING!! What are we going to do NEXT?! I LOVED that! Let’s do it again TOMORROW!!” insatiable, that one!

So, I decided to make a quick scrapbook page about Andrew’s energy. :) And I thought these photos were PERFECT to showcase what I’m talking about. We were at the park and I asked him to smile for the camera, so, for a split-second he did. And then his whole body tensed up and he started making strange hissing noises. Then he started running around me in circles and made an explosion sound.

Yup. That’s what he did.


Luckily, his teacher’s have him pegged at school and keep that kid engaged all day. I think they know that if they don’t it’ll be a disaster. :)

Andrew, I love you and your high energy. I hope your enthusiasm takes you far, kiddo.

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  1. Vicki Dill says:

    I sure could use a smidgen of that energy!!

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