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Emm’s sister asked me to make some cookies for the shower. There wasn’t really a theme…just LOTS of pink. :) But she did mention that someone was making a clothesline to hang for decoration. So I peeked around the internet for cookies that would work for a baby shower and came across this idea! Button cookies! That seemed to loosely tie in to the clothesline line thing….and they are stinkin’ adorable.

These were so much easier than what I thought I’d be doing! Because…there was no icing needed! I just added food coloring to my regular sugar cookie recipe and scoured my kitchen for various circles that I could use to cut out the buttons and add the ridged border for the bigger cookies. Then I used the small hole of an icing tip to poke out the holes in the center of the buttons. I made four different shades of dough: white, two shades of pink and red. I was going for “ombre”. :)


I was so happy with how these cookies turned out that I was jumping around my kitchen and living room on the night before the shower once I saw the finished product. Dang it, that’s a good feeling :)


The cookies were bagged into little baggies with pink bows and given out as favors.

I’ve got a lot on tap today. I’m working on the training piece of getting my Special Kids Photography certification and I have a lot of loose ends that I need to tidy up for other work projects I’ve been doing. But before all that, I have a date in my living room with Jillian Michaels and her “30 Day Shread” DVD. My favorite Jillain Michaels quotes to date: “these abs don’t come for FREE, people!” and “I want you to FEEL like you’re going to DIE.” aww yeah. She’s hardcore…but I’m now at the point where I can keep up!

Have a lovely one! Over and out!

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3 Responses to button cookies

  1. janel says:

    So happy to know that you made these with ‘things from the kitchen’…..as I have been scouring the internet for button cookie cutters, and didn’t want to spend that amount of $$….they are just darling..and I love that you packaged them. So darn cute. have a happy busy week.

  2. These button cookies are just the CUTEST, Robyn! Love that you made them ombre and I bet they were a huge hit at the baby shower!

  3. Terri Deal says:

    Those are SERIOUSLY adorable, Oh my goodness!!

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