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The theme of my thoughts lately are simple: Isaac. Which actually also make them complex because he’s such a mysterious little munchkin. I’ve made some discoveries about Isaac in the last few weeks that I decided I wanted to record in the ol’ scrapbooks.

Here’s what I put together:


And here’s what it says:

Isaac, I recently met with your kindergarten teacher, your speech and occupational therapists and Ms. Figueroa, the director of the program you are in. We were meeting to talk about where you are at and what goals you need on your IEP moving forward. Each person at the meeting discussed their observations of you and what they would like to see you doing next. I learned so much about you from hearing the reports of the people that work with you every day.

I learned how much you LOVE sets of things. I’ve always sort of known this about you…but hearing everyone’s report about you, one by one, really drove home the point. You love sets: sets of numbers, sets of letters, lists of rules, routines. You like nice tidy answers and predictability. This part of your personality has helped you excel in a lot of areas. You know the alphabet forwards and backwards (!) and odd and even numbers. You know which numbers correspond with which letters and have recently discovered that all vowels are odd. You try counting in alphabetical order (beginning with eight, since it starts with ‘e’). Your reading skills are rapidly expanding as you pick up more and more sight words and have a better and better understanding of phonics. You can do simple addition problems quickly in your head. You can read and answer simple word problems independently and you have begun experimenting with negative numbers, writing out equations like 1-2=-1.

But, as soon as the questions shift and become more open ended, that’s where it gets hard for you. You struggle with questions like “what did you do in school today?” “what was this book about?” “what do you think will happen next?” Even making simple choices can be so hard for you. Your teacher said that independent reading time is one of your hardest times of day…not because you can’t read, but because choosing a book can stymie you.

Isaac, some of the mystery about you fell away that day I met with your teachers. I feel like I was able to make more sense of who you are and I am grateful for the people in your life that can help me understand your beautiful complexity. I am so, so proud of you. I ADORE who you are…and I want you to continue to grow. I want you to learn how to make guesses, take risks and even be wrong. I want you to learn how to look at the grey areas of life without feeling fear. I’m right here with you, kiddo, trying to make sense of those grey areas myself. How ‘bout we face them together?

Dave took off today in exchange for working on Monday, which he got off as a federal holiday. We are headed for an overpriced, chlorine saturated water park. The boys are going to LOVE it. :) Over and out!

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  1. Adorable photos, beautiful layout, and sweet and thoughtful journaling. This is a treasure for Isaac, Robyn. A real treasure. xo

  2. Ruth says:

    What a wonderful layout! There’s so much here for Isaac to read, absorb and appreciate as he grows older. But as for now? He rocks!

  3. MamaV says:

    watch out for isaac, world!

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