valentine decorations


This past weekend the boys and I made some Valentine Decorations. :)


Andrew has been playing a lot of String Games lately (like Cat’s Cradle) so when I saw this yarn based valentine project online, I thought it would be something he would really like. I got some floral wire and twisted it into heart shapes. Then Andrew wound yarn around the wire frame.

I made paints for Isaac and Zaida to use, but Isaac wanted to try the yarn-wire project too. :)


Then I used clear thread to make them into a garland. I tied the thread to the wire hearts and I added colorful pompoms to each section of thread.  I really like the way it turned out!


It looks especially nice with a snowy backdrop!


Speaking of “snowy backdrop” yesterday we got our best snow storm yet! It was a heavy, wet snow.  A stick-to-the-trees snow.  A snowman-building-snow.


My FAVORITE kind of snow. :)


But also, a very slippery snow. After seeing a school bus stuck in a snowbank and listening to cars slip down my street yesterday, I decided to cancel the boys’ afternoon bus service and go them myself on the train. The trains are definitely affected by snowstorms, but they tend to be MUCH safer than slippery streets.

And this morning, it’s still a snowy, wintery wonderland…which I plan on enjoying while I can. :)

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5 Responses to valentine decorations

  1. Ruth says:

    Is that the block where you live? Very pretty. Love that shot of you in the snow!

  2. Debs says:

    Oh that is very pretty snow!

  3. Terri Deal says:

    Really jealous of all the snow!! Love the decorations

  4. Vicki Dill says:

    The Valentine decorations are !!!!!! (that means soooo cute) and love the shots of the snow, especially you celebrating!

  5. MamaV says:

    These are great!

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