This weekend we went into Manhattan to see some action from Chinese New Year.


We saw some of the parade, but as usual, the crowds were so thick, it was hard to get around. We still saw lots of cool stuff though!




Since we go to see the sights at Chinese New Year every year, I feel like it’s been one of my yearly gauges to see Isaac’s growth. These kinds of crowds can be pretty hard for him…but he was a real trooper this time. :) He was able to tough it out for a while, and then quietly said “let’s go home.” …which was our cue to start weaving our way out of the crowds.


Meanwhile, Andrew was built for crowds. He got squished by the mob in a mighty way…and just thought it was SO funny. :)



We found an area that wasn’t so crowded to set off some fireworks.




Also this weekend, our little friend Zaida came over for a few hours.

She loved playing with the boys…and I was surprised that she didn’t get too overwhelmed by them. She particularly loved chasing Isaac…who was giving her his *best* cold shoulder. But, she was not to be deterred! Tess used to chase Isaac like this too. I don’t know what it is about him…but he seems to invite the chase without even trying. :)


I made some edible paint so Zaida could join us for some valentine craft projects. Her mother is an artist…I thought it would be a real hit for her!


hmmm…well. No… I guess not yet. Maybe with time, Zaida. :)



When Zaida was born, Andrew said to me in a serious voice “I will be her friend!” And here, one year later, he is true to his word. She doesn’t seem to mind. ;)


The snow is POURING down right now. It’s soooo beautiful. I sent the boys off to school, but I’ll be listening closely for an early dismissal decision. This winter has really delivered! And for a girl like me, THAT is absolutely fantastic. :)

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  1. Susan says:

    You’ve gotten so good at the #all4Rices that when I saw that first pic I thought Dave must have been away this weekend :)

  2. Ruth says:

    That last photo is adorable!

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