Andrew Fast Facts:
– Andrew is 7 years old.
– Andrew loves science. Science books, science kits, science class. He loves knowing how things work…how the Mars Rover landed safely on Mars, how his cells needs oxygen, how paper is made, how gravity works.
– Andrew also loves numbers. His favorite numbers are infinity, googol and googol-plex. As in “Mommy I love you googol-plex percent!”
– Andrew is trying to learn sign language so he doesn’t need to learn Japanese to work at Nintendo. Follow that? ;)
– Andrew was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 5. He currently goes to a regular public school, but in a special program for kids like him. There are 6 kids in his class. They all have the same or similar diagnoses but are functioning at grade level academically. It’s a fantastic program and we are fortunate to live in a time and place that is so open to atypical people.
– Andrew receives Speech Therapy for social and conversational skills. His handwriting is horrendous, and luckily has an Occupational Therapist helping out with that. He also receives Physical Therapy for trunk support and balance…but he’s come a long way in those areas and won’t need PT for much longer.
– Andrew’s favorite element is Helium. Of course.
– Andrew is an EXTREMELY silly, problem solving ball of lovable energy. We are hard core fans of this kid.

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